Shakespeare Carolina is proud to announce our 22nd season!

James R. Cartee directs Bard Fiction, written by Aaron Greer, Ben Tallen, and Brian Watson-Jones with additional contributions from members of the Pulp Bard Wiki Project, at the Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC,

April 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 2019

Honor. Betrayal. Foot rubs.

 Shakespeare and Tarantino collide in this Elizabethan retelling of Pulp Fiction! Also known as Pulp Shakespeare, or A Slurry Tale- BARD FICTION follows the seedy characters of Tarantino's opus, now part of London's underworld, in seemingly disparate plotlines that merge in unexpected ways. All your favorite characters are present: Vincent, Jules, Mia, Marsellus Wallace, Butch, and yes…even The Gimp, as they hurtle towards their respective fates.

Artistic Director, Chris O’Neill helms Titus, a new twist on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, as adapted by Benjamin Henson for Fractious Tash Theatre Company of New Zealand.

June 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 at The Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC.

Set within a wasteland where power is brutality, a tribe of scavengers clamber among the debris to find anything that will help them retell the story of a legend – Titus Andronicus and his mutilated daughter, Lavinia. These lost kids invest their toys with the fervour of abandonment: in their fantasies of war and revenge, teddy-bears bleed but children do not. As scruples are abandoned and the stakes grow dizzily higher, Titus encapsulates the one thing we all know but fail to learn from – revenge is a childish pursuit.

WARNING: Titus contains Adult Situations, Violence and Gore.

Amanda Liles returns to direct Mr. Burns, a post-electric play by Anne Washburn, Score by Michael Friedman, Lyrics by Anne Washburn

July 25, 26, 27 and August 1, 2, 3 at The Duke Energy Theatre, Charlotte, NC.


Mr. Burns, A post electric play examines how the pop culture of one era might evolve into the mythology of another. After an unspecified global catastrophe has caused the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors share a campfire and begin to piece together "The Simpsons" episode "Cape Feare" entirely from memory. Seven years later, this and other snippets of pop culture have become the live entertainment of a post-apocalyptic society, desperately trying to hold onto its past. Seventy-five years later, these are the myths and legends from which new forms of performance are created.


Shakespeare Carolina returns to Winthrop University in Late August/early September with Cyrano, adapted from the Edmond Rostand play, by Brenda Withers and Jason O’Connell

Who wins the battle of beauty versus brains? Cyrano is a swordsman, philosopher, poet, and raconteur—everything that the love of his life, Roxane, would want. There’s just one colossal problem: his nose, rendering him unworthy of her affection (or so he believes). Enter Christian, a handsome, yet tongue-tied, young cadet equally smitten by Roxane. Surely together this unlikely pair can win the fair maiden’s heart. A cast of five plays a multitude of roles in this imaginative version of the classic tale.

Stay Tuned For Audition Information!


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