Shakespeare Carolina will be holding auditions for its upcoming season, February 18th , 7PM – PM at Spirit Square, 345 North College Street, Charlotte.
They will also be holding auditions, February 19th, 7PM – 9PM at Tommy’s Pub, 124 Eastway Dr Suite 710, Charlotte, NC 28205
We are primarily casting our first two shows of the year, Bard Fiction and Titus.
For Bard Fiction, Director James R. Cartee will be looking for the following:
1Julius Win-field
2Vincenzio ('Vincent') de la Vega
3 Lord Marsellus Wallace/ Sprint, a messenger/ Roger
4 Pumpkin Pie/ Bess, a server at the Slender Hare/ Fabiana, his betrothed/ Juno, his wife/ Maynard, a rustic
5 Lady Mia Wallace/ Tavern Wench/ Claudio/ Esmaralda de las Vias Tres
6 Meadsweet Coney/ Butch ('Butcher') Coolidge, a boxer/ Jacob, a coffee enthusiast
7 Brittanus/ Baron Winston DeWulf, a roguish knight / Zed, a rustic/ Richard, a host at the Slender Hare
8 Marvin/ Scottish Dave, a tavern-keeper and rogue / The Gimp, a fallen lord/ Ghost of Butch's Father/ Lancelot, an apothecary
For More Info, email
For Titus, Chris O’Neill will be casting:
Actor 1 - Titus
Actor 2 - Tamora
Actor 3 - Saturninus
Actor 4 - Bassianus / Aaron
Actor 5 - Lavinia
Actor 6 - Chiron
Actor 7 - Demetrius / Lucius
With all other character played by the company.
For More Info, email
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the texts, along with simple exercises and improv.
Please come dressed to move.

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